Hey, just thought I would do an update to expound on some things that may or may not need expoundation.

First, reader commands will be used less from here on out. This has been pretty clear starting in Act Two, but now that the characters have been fleshed out a bit (thanks to you!), I feel more comfortable dictating their actions myself and forming plots around them as I see fit. Readers will still get a chance to chime in whenever I don't have anything in particular I need the characters to do, but that'll be less often now.

Second, just a reminder that you can submit commands for characters other than the one on-screen at the present moment. Maybe you all knew this and just didn't feel like it, but I figured I should make it clear that you don't need to wait for me to switch characters or put up a 'Select Character' screen.

Third, HOMESTUCK IS ENDING HOLY FUCK. Here's hoping it doesn't utterly fuck up my plans, because I'd like to keep this at least nominally compatible with the main comic!

Fourth, if anyone is looking to make fanart of any of the characters/scenes/locales, feel free to message me for in-depth descriptions of those things, or ask in the comments here. I might actually be commissioning some character sketches as well, so keep an eye out for those!

| Akumeoy

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