What is this?

This is Regicide, a fan-made spinoff of Homestuck in the style of the original comic. It is strongly recommended that you read Homestuck before reading Regicide, because Regicide will often assume the reader has at least a basic understanding of Homestuck lore, mechanics, and plot. Some basic familiarity with the SCP Foundation is also helpful.

When does Regicide update?

I like to update it at least once a day, but oftentimes it'll take me a few days to figure out what exactly I want to do. I'll let you know in advance whenever I plan a long break.

Is it canon?

Regicide is intended to be more or less compatible with Homestuck proper, though certain details will be changed when it is more convenient for me or for the plot. Specifically, I've discarded the gender-coding of classes and tweaked the god-tiering mechanics so far.

How do I contribute?

Once in a while, you can input commands for the characters by clicking on "> Enter command." on the most recent update; this will take you to the discussion page, where you can post commands. These commands may be used as-written, as a source of inspiration, or anything in-between. If you want to contribute in some other way, feel free to make a Wikidot account and message me.

What are the rules?

I can't be fucked to write up a real list of rules. You can be removed from the site for any reason, but if you're generally respectful of others and the site, you should be fine.

Where's the art?

I can't draw to save my life, so unless it's just a matter of a simple image manip, scene descriptions will have to suffice. However, I have commissioned some official character art from Tumblr users Katzirra and Dog Girls on Drugs, and I may end up commissioning more material from other artists.

What if I have some other question or concern?

Send me a private message. I also have a Tumblr account that links to each new update as I post them, and you can contact me there too.

- Akumeoy

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