Excerpt from SCP-447 main doc 2009-04-13.txt

The dangers of allowing SCP-447-1 or -2 to come into contact with dead bodies have been clearly documented: detailed eyewitness reports can be found in Appendix 447-B: Prior Incidents. To summarize, however, initial effects include the generation of a temporal-spatial anomaly around the dead body — specifically, a black sphere that expands around the point of contact and grows in size, pulling nearby non-living objects into it at high speed.

The anomaly can be dissipated by the evacuation of all living individuals from the surrounding area. Should any individual enter the anomaly, it will dissipate immediately; however, this is not advised, as it has previously resulted in the creation of one or more Magenta-Class Cosmopluripotent entities. For additional information, access Appendix 447-B.

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