abjectTerror craftyCombobulator 2009-01-04.log

—— craftyCombobulator [CC] began trolling abjectTerror [AT] ——

AT: Hello?
CC: oh, thiS HANDle actUALLY works.
AT: What do you mean "works"?
CC: MY MOIrail sUGGESted i tRY MESsaginG THIS accouNT TO See if iT ACTUally eXISTS. and it DOES.
AT: I am soooo confused right now.
CC: That maKES ONe of us.
AT: Hey, don't act like this should all be obvious to me. Why does Pesterchum say you're "trolling" me? Why are you typing like that? What is a "MOIrail"? Why are you messaging people at random?
CC: IN ORDer, it's BECAUse i'm a TROLL, it feeLS NATural, dOES YOur speCIES Really NOT HAve moiRAILS, and evERYBOdy we kNOW IS dead oR MISSing.
AT: I guess that helped a little? Actually screw this, why am I feeding the trolls?

—— abjectTerror has blocked craftyCombobulator ——

CC: yoUR CHAt clieNT IS Vastly INFERior to MINE, So that WON'T Work.
CC: whAT YOU shoulD DO NOw is keEP ASKing foR CLARificaTION About tHINGS.
AT: Why the hell would I do that?

—— abjectTerror has blocked craftyCombobulator ——

CC: becauSE I'M Bored, aND YOU're curIOUS. And i'll STOP TalkinG EVENtuallY IF YOu do.
AT: Ugh. Fine. Let's take this one step at a time. NUMBER ONE: No, my species does not have "moirails". What are they?
CC: it DEPENds who YOU ASk, but tHE GENeral pURPOSe is to REMEDy each OTHER's persONALIty flaWS AND proviDE EMOtionaL SUPPort.
AT: That's actually kinda cute. Uh, why is everybody you know dead or missing?
CC: weLL, MY HomewoRLD WAs hit bY A MEteor sHOWER not toO LONG after WE LEFt. the tROLLS that wEREN'T killeD BY THat werE KILLed by a PSYCHic sea MONSTer.
CC: theRE'S ONe more PERSOn who eSCAPEd it (thAT WE Know of), BUT HE's gone MISSIng somEHOW.
AT: Dang, that... sucks.
CC: I was prETTY WrappeD UP IN the weLLBEIng of tROLLKind, idENTITy-wise. THERE was thIS WHOle big THING where I WAS GrieviNG, BUT now i'm OVER It. you'rE LUCKy you dON'T HAve to bE PARTy to thAT DRAwn out INNER conflICT. IT was emBARRAssing.
CC: HERE'S my advICE: peRSONAl growTH SHOuld be GOTTEn over WITH As soon AS POSsible SO YOU can geT ON WIth youR LIFE and noT BE INsuffeRABLE.
AT: Uh. Okay. I'll keep that in mind. Is your species "troll", then?
CC: yes. we'RE ALIens frOM ANOther uNIVERse.
AT: Seems a bit excessive, don't you think? Being from an entirely different universe, I mean. Being from another galaxy would be sufficient, in terms of being alien.
CC: the NON-LIteral DISTAnce beTWEEN our twO SPECies is NOT OBligatED TO Be effiCIENT.
AT: I guess.
CC: you're EITHEr accePTING this aLL QUIte easILY OR do not BELIEve me aT ALL.
AT: I'm kind of alternating between the two. I could just roll over and take all of this at face value, because really, what skin would it be off of my back? But on the other hand, none of this seems particularly plausible.

—— craftyCombobulator [CC] sent abjectTerror [AT] file "Self imAGE.jpg" ——

CC: HOpefulLY THIs servES AS EvidenCE OF My alieNNESS.
AT: Oooooh. Cute!!!
AT: Hold on, let me take a picture for you too!
CC: i'll taKE THAt as a yES. YOU don't nEED TO send mE A PICture, i ALREAdy knoW YOU'Re an alIEN.
AT: But I want to!

—— abjectTerror [AT] sent craftyCombobulator [CC] file "wonk.jpg" ——

CC: WHat is tHAT EXpressION? I Don't knOW YOUr cultURE'S Facial COMMUnicatION COdes, buT I GET the feELING there'S SOMEthing GOING on theRE NONethelESS. ANd i don'T LIKE it.
AT: Oh, it's nothing o3o
CC: i guESS I Have no CHOICe but tO BELIeve yoU. BUT If it tuRNS OUt that THAT Look siGNIFIes misCHEVIous inTENT, There wILL BE hell tO PAY. I hate sHENANigans.
AT: Hey, don't worry about it. I'm going to bed soon, so I guess we can keep talking tomorrow?
CC: OKAY. Do you hAVE ANy frieNDS WE could MESSAge in tHE MEAntime? IT GETs loneLY OUT here.
AT: Hm... Okay, sure. castledGrande, gravityAssistant, tsarCuller, and abstractedAntics. Give them a call, say that Lexa sent you.
CC: tHANKS. good dAY, LEXa.
AT: Good day!

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