abstractedAntics castledGrande 2008-11-11.log

—— castledGrande [CG] began pestering abstractedAntics [AA] ——

CG: hey guess what
AA: (゚▽゚`*)?
CG: okay no first i have to ask how you type those so fast/
CG: do you have a doc with a bunch of fancy emoticons on it or what/
AA: it is a mystery (´꒳‘)
CG: magical weeaboo power, got it
CG: anyways what i was gonna say is; remember yardsoflenin/
AA: hasn’t she been yelling at you on your blog? about like, marxism-leninism, right?
CG: yeah. well, it turns out she was trying to flirt with me. like she thought that i would be more "receptive" to it
AA: is she wrong?
CG: not really, but i'll be damned if i tell her that.
AA: i gotta say, that is hells of kawaii.
CG: if you start shipping me and this girl i'm going to find where you live and burn all of your animes
AA: (゚Д゚;)
AA: you wouldn't!!!
CG: it's too late. as we speak i am contacting my secret network of spies and your ip is being traced right now.
CG: so you better prepare for the storm, maggot.
AA: okay fine i won't ship you with her, geez
CG: yeah isn't me and lexa basically your otp/
AA: no comment.
CG: okay for super cereal: she set up pesterchum to add 'workers of the world, unite1' to the end of her posts
CG: tell me that isn't adorkable as heck.
AA: ヽ(゜Q。)ノ? i guess i'll take your word for it? it mostly seems kind of embarrassing.
CG: it totally is, don't get me wrong. but there's something endearing about like, actually believing in something and being dedicated to it that much.
AA: ... i don't understand the appeal at all.
CG: yeah, your type is probably like, super irony ninjas.
CG: speaking of which, does that strider kid know you exist yet?
AA: oh my god shut up. baka
CG: oh wait, i forgot. actually introducing yourself to someone you like is verboten under the secret hipster code of conduct.
AA: my webcomic gets a hit from houston every time it updates, within twenty minutes.
AA: i know he knows me, and i'm waiting until the time is right to make my introduction.
CG: okay dude... read what you just wrote. like actually read it. this is actively painful to watch.
CG: you don't have to like, confess to him right off the bat. literally all you have to do is message him and say you like his blogs and start up a conversation.
AA: well if i try that he's just going to blow me off...
CG: j u s t s a y h e l l o y o u ( d ) w e e b
AA: hnnng. (⊙﹏⊙✿) okay fine, i'll send him a message. but only if you tell yardsoflenin you like her.
CG: ... deal.

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