castledGrande tsarCuller 2008-11-11.log

—— tsarCuller [TC] began pestering castledGrande [CG] ——

TC: Hey. I think I've been cyberbullying you. Workers of the world, unite!
CG: /
CG: oh it's you
CG: 8raises hands up8 you got me
CG: i've been troled epically at your hands xddd
CG: 'hey mom some twelve-year-old on the internet who calls herself yardsoflenin and signs her comments with 'workers of the world unite' has been owning me on my blog and i need to cry'
CG: you have demonstrated your utter superiority in the study of the unshakemortable superscience of marxism-wankism-ushankaism
CG: come to gloat about it/
TC: :||| Holy shit, relax. Workers of the world, unite!
CG: i can't bring myself to take you seriously when you literally have a signature on a chat client. i didn't even know pesterchum could do that.
TC: > mfw liberals don't understand the importance of propaganda Workers of the world, unite!
CG: 'my face when' tankies think anarchists are liberals and also use greentext on pesterchum
CG: please stop embarrassing yourself
CG: the only reason i haven't blocked you is because this is like a train wreck etc.
CG: so let's get this over with.
CG: gloating, more incoherent trolling, forced pity/ what's your poison/
TC: I'm here to apologize. Workers of the world, unite!
CG: oh okay
TC: I kind of thought you would be more... receptive to that kind of attention. Given how that kind of seems to be your scene...? But it's kind of hard for me to keep that up, and pretty mean too, and I was hoping that instead we could just... talk? Workers of the world, unite!
CG: you're in luck because i don't actually give a shit about being insulted on the internet. apology accepted etc. etc. tell me more about you having a crush on me
TC: I never said it was a crush... Workers of the world, unite!
CG: literally what else would it even be/ cmon tell me, it's cute.
TC: Uhhhh... :/ I don't think I'm ready for that yet! Workers of the world, unite!
CG: that's okay, we can talk about other stuff. what did you wanna talk about in the first place/
TC: I dunno. What do friends talk about? Workers of the world, unite!
CG: is that a rhetorical question/ because apart from being twelve and liking marx and girls i don't actually know whether we have anything in common. so how about you start by telling me what you're up to these days/
TC: Well, when I'm not reading about ☭ommunism, I spend a lot of time outside! There are some woods by my house that I'm exploring. I get sick really easily so I try to make the most of it when I can go out and do stuff. Workers of the world, unite!
CG: oh lucky, i'm stuck inside pretty much all the time. not that i really want to go outside and have people looking at me but it'd be nice to get some sun yknow?
TC: Ugh, I know THAT feeling. I live in the middle of nowhere though, so it's not like I have to worry about it too much. Workers of the world, unite!
CG: that sounds so nice... i used to live in sacramento so obviously i was outside a lot. i don't have a lot of room to really run around any more, so i mostly just learn martial arts and self defense and stuff.
TC: Oh, cool! Workers of the world, unite!
CG: it's not like i'm ever actually in danger, but it feels good to be able to throw knives at anyone who come in your room, you know/
TC: :|| Thaaaat does NOT sound like self-defense to me. Workers of the world, unite!
CG: i'm defending myself from not getting to throw knives. it's a noble pursuit.
TC: :||||| Workers of the world, unite!
CG: somehow i feel that i'm weirding you out.
TC: A little, but... <_< Workers of the world, unite!
CG: pfffft
CG: you don't need to tell me about your crush any more, i think i get the gist of it
TC: Um, okay. Gotta go, I have chores to do. Workers of the world, unite!
CG: kk
CG: see you around~

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