> Chop: Examine loot.

SCPsprite floats up and down excitedly, spamming text fragments and hazard symbols, as Chop goes about reading documents affixed to the boxes, tossing a few boxes out into the abyss, and captchaloguing the rest. Chop's SCP Modus seems to be an array modus, theoretically allowing the retrieval of any item from any card at any time, with several cards "locked out". Each newly captchalogued item generates a warning reading "Access to this object may be revoked if found to be in violation of containment procedures."

You take the time to examine all of the documentation affixed to these boxes, in order to make sure that you don't die like the kind of chump who doesn't read containment procedures.

You toss the following items out of the gaping hole where one of your walls used to be:

  • SCP-1034: A needle that forces people to sew themselves shut, dehydrate, and turn into a doll. You want absolutely nothing to do with this.
  • SCP-1127: A few short art films that fuck with your head. You could see Mors appreciating these, if it weren't for the mindfuck effects. Really useless, and also pretentious. Into the trash they go.

You captchalogue the following items:

  • SCP-660: A jar that keeps biological tissues viable indefinitely. You're pretty sure you've caught wind of this one before.
  • SCP-1418: A comb that transforms your body into that of a particular young woman for a particular duration. This could be useful.
  • A glowing jar containing some output from SCP-158 — that is to say, a soul. The documentation is heavily redacted. Throwing this out seems like a bad idea.
  • SCP-1376: A camcorder that narrates filmed scenes as though they were a nature documentary. You have a feeling that Lexa would get a kick out of this one.
  • SCP-2124: A box from which you can withdraw an imaginary knife that also kind of exists. You don't want to think about this too hard, but it seems right up Ruby's alley.
  • SCP-635: Some books in Latin that force you to build robots. You're pretty sure that none of you know enough Latin for this to do anything, but the books themselves are really fucking cool.
  • SCP-403: A lighter that produces an exponentially bigger flame if you light it in close succession. Could be useful if you need to fuck shit up.
  • SCP-963-1: An amulet that overwrites the identity of anyone who touches it with that of one Dr. Jack Bright. You guess you might as well hold onto this t... actually, you have an idea.
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