> Chop: Enter.

An unremarkable office building basks in the sun. Inside, Chop calmly goes about accepting the pre-punched card from Lucy's cursor, using it to carve a cruxite dowel, and bringing said dowel to the Alchemiter. The alchemiter promptly produces a safe made of cruxite. Chop picks it up, shakes it a bit, then sets it down. Glancing out of his room's window, he's treated to the sight of a few security guards pushing a pallet of boxes past his room. With a shrug, Chop holds out his hand, and the boxes disappear from the pallet and appear in his room.

While there is loud knocking on the door to his room, Chop returns his attention to the safe. After trying the combination lock for a few seconds, he lifts it over his head and hurls it down onto the floor. The cruxite cracks on impact, with the safe's door swinging open to reveal an empty interior, then glowing brightly.

A big chunk of the office building glows, then disappears in a puff, leaving a few security guards looking confusedly at the place where it used to be.

You are generally acceptant of those times when a task is not so difficult, complicated, or hindered by outside forces that it might be reasonably likened to issues which are typically the domain of the federal government.


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