> Lexa: Examine loot.

Lexa produces several items from her WALLET MODUS onto a glassy outcropping: an unmarked gold ring, a vial of bright green fluid, a small jar that glows a very bright yellow, a small wooden box, and an ancient-looking clay jar.

The two incredibly attractive aliens you spoke with were kind enough to leave you with several items they had procured in their travels, but ultimately found useless for their purposes.

The first is supposedly some legendary ring, but they had been unable to get it to do anything, so it's yours now. Apparently it was supposed to do something related to time? The legends were a bit shaky on what it actually did.

The second is a vial of mysterious green fluid that you instantly recognized to be SCP-447-2. You asked them if it had come into contact with any dead bodies. They said no, it hadn't. You said that was good.

The third is a really bright and glowy jar. They don't know whether it's supposed to do anything, but it's warm and you love it nonetheless.

The fourth is a box that supposedly contains a needle that brings a painful death to anyone who touches it. You weren't asked to promise not to touch it, but you promised that anyways. You're not in a hurry to open this.

The fifth is a clay jar that can supposedly keep living tissues viable indefinitely. You think you remember Chop mentioning something like this at some point, but you don't know much about it.

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