> (S) Ruby: Display considerable martial prowess.

A meteor breaks the cloud cover, plowing down through a snowstorm and exploding on contact with the ground, leaving a massive crater where a section of the SCP Foundation's Site-83 once stood. Two security guards run away from the explosion, their destination in sight: the containment cell of SCP-5827-5. After another meteor off in the distance causes the ground to shake severely, the two guards open the door to find Ruby on the floor, her chair tipped over and her keyboard on the ground, rubbing her head.

One guard lifts up his gun and shoots a tranquilizer dart at Ruby. It is on course to hit her until she catches it mid-air between two fingers. She tosses it aside, withdrawing two daggers from her 2XDAGGERKIND Strife Specibus and grinning as she moves to her feet and dashes forwards at the guards. Flash-stepping out of the way of incoming taser wires, she lunges, screaming, both daggers held in the air.

Mors, meanwhile, is hovering somewhere in a whirl of voidy bullshit in his room. The vortex's winds begin to strip posters from his wall, even drawing a set of Sailor Moon figurines into orbit around him. Suddenly, the voidy bullshit is blown away, leaving an inky black silhouette of a child. The silhouette bursts through the wall, out of the side of a small cabin on a mountaintop in the middle of a blizzard. It splits into four pieces, which zip off in different directions.

Ruby rolls in mid-air over the cowering guard, landing on her feet just outside the door to her cell. She spins around quickly and slashes at the back of one guard's knees before he can turn around, bloodying her pirate costume and knives as the guard falls face forwards. The other guard turns to her, whipping out a telescoping truncheon. He leans out of the way as Ruby lunges at him; she rolls forward, turning back to see a truncheon coming down at her. She parries the blow with both daggers, as well as several more that come her way before she manages to roll off to the side and get onto her feet properly.

Meanwhile in the recent past, Lucy spills bottles of pills all over her bed. As she tabs over to the League of Legends beta, a silhouette places its hand on her forehead; Lucy falls asleep instantly as the figure disappears. The view switches over to Chop, who is typing on his computer. In the blink of an eye, another inky black figure steals his computer and zips out of the room while Chop stares blankly at where his computer used to be. Also meanwhile, Lexa is about to drop a flash drive onto a small glowing block. The third shadow void clone thingy shows up just in time to drop a bit of its own inky black nothingness onto the block at the same time the flash drive hits it.

As the security guard rushes at her, Ruby flash-steps forwards to grab him by the shirt, then performs a roll to drag him forward, releasing him at the arc of the roll and launching him into the air. He collides with the cruxtruder, knocking the lid off and revealing a light blue Kernelsprite. There is a noticeable blood stain where the guard's head collided with the wall, and his body isn't moving while it lies on the floor. The guard whose knees were slashed reaches for his taser, only to have his hand stepped on before he can reach it. Ruby's bodyguard is there. After grinding the guard's wrist down with her foot, she grabs him (and then the less-obviously-conscious guard) and begins to drag them out of the room. She shares a glance with Ruby, who is busy extruding a cruxite dowel, as she does this.

Ruby returns to her desk to find a pre-punched card there, which she takes and brings over to the Totem Lathe, combining it and the dowel to make a cruxite totem, which she brings over to the Alchemiter. The alchemiter alchemizes a cruxite vending machine, which in turn dispenses a cruxite can. Ruby picks the can and attempts to pry it open, her face screwing up in concentration as she pulls at the tab.

As a meteor bears down on the last standing part of the facility, Ruby's bodyguard picks up a bag of chips off the floor and casually lobs it at the empty kernelsprite. Just as it is about to connect, the fourth silhouette arrives to drop a Sailor Moon figurine into the kernelsprite. The kernelsprite flashes bright white just as Ruby manages to open the can, and shortly thereafter, the meteor collides with the ground.

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