> Lexa: Examine surroundings.

Lexa stands in a darkened bedroom. The walls are covered by a veritable collage of classic rock legends, French revolutionaries, angels, demons, fancy-looking computers, and sleek-looking cyborg pinups. Two computers and three PDAs are scattered across the room, all the best and newest models. A desk in the corner is loaded up with bizarre-looking devices whose degree of abstraction from reality is not terribly clear. A coat rack in the corner holds a few poofy coats and some white and black gowns.

Your name is LEXA DE SAINT-MASTEMA, which is pretty much just a mashup of a bunch of things you think are cool. You think that almost everything is cool, actually, which brings us to your plethora of INTERESTS. You have a fascination with anything involving the ANGELIC or the DEMONIC, and the conflict between the two. You have even been known to cosplay as either of these divine beings, depending on your mood. When you're not looking up or writing about relevant mythology and folklore, you often study up on the history of REVOLUTIONS, particularly the FRENCH REVOLUTION. You are intensely interested in CLASSIC ROCK MUSIC, sometimes to the point of GETTING DEFENSIVE OVER TRIVIAL MATTERS REGARDING THE TOPIC, but have never had much musical talent of your own. You keep up with the lastest in CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY — your expertise extends to conventional computers and software, syllacrafting, cybernetic body enhancement, and teleportation. You like to build machines, or at least, you would if you had the right RESOURCES on hand. You settle for designing them on your computer. Sylladices, fortunately, only require cheap — if esoteric — materials to construct.

You have magical powers of SENDIFICATION, letting you send any object in your possession — including yourself — to almost any other location, with a few limitations. You are currently on the run from the same secret organization that contains Chop, having found refuge with a MYSTERIOUS BENEFACTOR in a densely populated city.

Your conversation with your twin has just been put on hold while he talks to one of the trolls that message you and your friends from time to time. You have been up late putting the finishing touches on the custom-made fetch modus you're making for Lucy.

What do you do?

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