> Lucy: Examine surroundings.

Lucy is sitting on her bed in the corner of a modest bedroom. Posters spread out across the room depict famous communist figures such as Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, and Mao Zedong, as well as propaganda posters ranging from the Soviet era to the modern day, and a few busts of Lenin. A serviceable bookshelf is stuffed to the brim with books. Four gift-wrapped boxes of various sizes sit on the bed. Early morning sunlight streams in through the window, illuminating the otherwise dark room.

Your name is LUCY ANDROSS.

You have an all-consuming passion for ☭THE UNSHAKEABLE SCIENCE OF MARXISM-LENINISM-MAOISM☭, which you express by consuming many DAUNTING TOMES OF ☭REVOLUTIONARY THEORY☭ and decorating your room with ☭COMMUNISM☭-THEMED PARAPHERNALIA. Unfortunately, you are largely confined to your bed on account of your NUMEROUS CONTAGIOUS AILMENTS, and thus spend a lot of time surfing the internet. You really love to talk to your online friends, even if not all of them are ☭COMRADES☭.

As mentioned previously, today is your BIRTHDAY. Accordingly, four PRESENTS from your four friends are on the floor next to your bed. You promised each friend that you would open their gift once they woke up. But on account of time zones, you have some time to yourself for the moment.

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