Chop stands in a smallish white carpeted cell. There is a bed, a very clunky-looking desktop computer (with a pair of headphones plugged in) at a desk, and a few doors. Posters relating to various gangster movies and hip-hop groups scatter the walls, and there's a big green stain over in the corner. The desk has an old-timey record player, as well as a few documents, on it. A crate underneath the desk holds some vinyl records, as well as CD cases.

Your name is CHOP CORLEONE. You took 'Corleone' from The Godfather, and you took 'Chop' from the word 'chop', because it sounded cool; the fact that neither of these are real names doesn't really bother you. Your official designation is SCP-5827-11, as you are a captive of THE SCP FOUNDATION, a secretive organization dedicated to the study and containment of ANOMALOUS ENTITIES such as yourself.

While the Foundation does not normally let its charges fill their room with items that reflect their INTERESTS, your MAGICAL POWERS allow you to do just that. You have a passion for GANGSTER MOVIES, and have decorated your cell to indicate as much. Your fondness for THUS OF OULD extends to the technological; to this end, you have acquired a record player (and some vinyl to match) and stuffed your computer's guts into the shell of a much older, clunkier desktop. You listen to a lot of music, and most of it is HIP-HOP. While a few faltering attempts at rapping have persuaded you to leave the vocals to others, you still like to make some beats with your VIOLIN. Too bad you don't have any recording equipment. A lot of your free time is spent MAKING LOW-QUALITY INTERNET POSTS FOR HUMOROUS EFFECT. At least, it's humorous to you. You get banned a lot, but you don't really care.

Oh, and we should probably address why you're in this cell in the first place. You have natural powers of APPEARIFICATION, allowing you to retrieve objects from across space and time, provided that you know WHAT you are appearifying, as well as WHEN and WHERE it is located. Sometimes, if you're grabbing objects from the past, you'll just get a PARADOX GHOST IMPRINT of whatever it is. You hate it when that happens.

Today is a busy day for you. You've woken up early to speak with Lucy about the present you got her, but you have some spare time before you intend to message her. What do you do?

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