(S) Destiny manifests.

Destiny and her twin brother are seated in a containment cell, looking bored and wearing orange jumpsuits, when an explosion rocks the facility. Peering out of the now-opened cell, they are treated to the site of a giant, half-decomposed lizard-like creature crawling through the halls and thoroughly ignoring the gunfire being sent towards it.

As the lizard passes, Destiny holds out her hand; a ghostly silhouette of the creature appears, then condenses into the form of half a stone medallion depicting a lizard. Grinning wide, she pockets the medalion, then grabs her brother by the wrist and drags him in the opposite direction of the lizard.

Destiny drags her brother through the halls, occasionally encountering a guard that tries to stop them. Each falls as a large black heart shape appears on their chest, with tendrils climbing upwards and encircling their necks. They arrive in the wreckage of a big room containing a large, ceiling-mounted mechanical arm.

After putting her brother in a chokehold until he goes limp, Destiny sets him under the arm and goes to its controls. Not too long after, the arm reaches down and extracts a glowing white substance from him and places it in a jar, which Destiny retrieves. She is hit with a tranquilizer dart before she can open it, and falls unconscious.

Back in the present. Shrugging off the same blazing green light that is melting the lunar lander module and causing the American flag to crumble away, Destiny boots up her laptop and loads Sburb. She quickly deploys a cruxtruder, which in short order expels a red, white, and blue-flashing kernelsprite. The moon is engulfed in a black hole.

Sitting in front of a massive tower covered in screens, and clad in the purple-and-pink god tier garb of the Lord of Heart, Destiny watches as Coluzi, Gratio, and Joslas build their hives, mess around in their respite blocks, troll each other, battle enemies in Sgrub, and fight in a dream bubble. With a grin, her eyes glow magenta as a young Gratio's eyes glow yellow on-screen, and his grin mimics hers.

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