Back on topic! About me!

Destiny is shown in her surroundings. There's the lander module, the flag, and that's about it.

So as you've noticed, I'm on the moon! Apparently humans can't normally live here! I'm made of some tougher stuff though! I was causing too many problems on Earth so they sent me up here! I don't mind though!

I'm what they call a "polymath"! Since there's not much to do out here, I learn things! I'm interested in psychology, biology, political science, business, military strategy, engineering, history, physics, programming, economics, and public policy! I even did some consulting work for the Calderaro campaign last year!

I'm almost always listening to music! I can't get enough of it! I'll listen to just about anything except rap or country!

And most importantly, I make sure I always get my way! I can't afford not to, because I have some big things in store! That's something I picked up from my brother!

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