> (S) Erupt.

The sun shines on a volcano. The ground shakes, and then the volcano begins to erupt clouds of smoke and flame, sending the various floating devils flying. A bright spot of light shoots up past the cloud.

Gratio, Coluzi, Brightsprite, Lexasprite, and Sanmugasunderam all stumble when the blast wave hits them, looking around in confusion. Coluzi points out of the chamber at a flow of lava headed their way. A figure wreathed in fire blinks into existence in front of them, wings extended. One by one, it teleports each of them away, dropping them off inside the chamber with Chop's quest bed.

On Derse, Bodyguardsprite moves in to strike at Mors, only to find that his body has vanished. He appears behind her, sending a glitchy crackle of black energy into her shoulder. By the time she turns around, she's already down one arm, with a jagged, glitchy wound carving a chunk out of her shoulder. Mors is gone. Meanwhile, the younger Bodyguard steps onto a transportalizer on Derse and reappears inside a frog-styled temple. As she steps outside, she finds herself on Earth, out in the mountains. A meteor falls nearby, carrying a small child.

Chop lands at the top of a spire on Logav, setting Lucy down onto her quest bed. Lucy's mother is close behind, on foot. Without any of the three apparently taking notice, four inky silhouettes surround the platform.

Coluzi steps out of the cave and retrieves a small robotic drone from her sylladex, which flies high into the air briefly before returning. After examining its screen, Coluzi points off into the distance. Lightning erupts from her finger, splintering the space around her to form a path through the maze of spires. She steps onto this makeshift bridge and starts walking, with the rest following behind her.

Ruby's iPatch uploads "land of seeds and steel.jpg" to Pesterchum, sending it to Lexa's client. Seconds later, Lexa arrives. The wings of her angel costume now sport black leathery wings of their own, each emblazoned with the symbol of the Space aspect, as well as a few belts of their own. Her sandals have hoof-like platforms, and her dress and sleeves are extended with a good deal of red-and-black silk. She is also on fire. Ruby and Lexa high-five, vanishing together as they do.

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