> (S) Chop: Ascend.

The clamor of stone on spire rings through the air. At the end of a winding mountain path, a cave entrance suddenly fills with blinding light.

Chop strides out, clad in the red t-shirt, boots, and twin-tailed hood of the Thief of Time. As he looks on, the airborne boulders disappear one-by-one, the din subsiding. His vision is suddenly blocked by the arrival of a large, airborne malkyrie swooping down on him, teeth bared.

Moving quickly, Chop holds up his left arm. It splits open along its length, showing a multitude of humming strings intertwined through a series of spinning gears. A pulse of red light moves through the strings and into the malkyrie, which slows down dramatically. After leisurely stepping to the side, Chop hits it with another burst of light. It resumes its course much more quickly than before, slamming into the mountain and instantly bursting into grist.

Chop leaps into the air, flying upwards and upwards until he has reached his dwelling, where he spots a few giclopes. As his arm returns to normal, he holds out both hands. The giclopes disappear, then appearify by his hands. They plummet to their deaths as Chop raises his fists and laughs gleefully.

Lucy's surgical mask-clad mom carries a dour-looking Lucy on her back across LoGaV. Lucy, equipped with her Minty-Guilli, shoots away pesky underlings. In the distance, a spire stands out from the volcanoes; a huge glowing Blood symbol hangs above it.

Lexa stands at the rim of a volcano. The brilliant sun of LoDaF cleanly illuminates the lava-swathed interior far below, including a quest bed adorned with the Space symbol.

Sanmugasunderam, Brightsprite, Coluzi, and Gratio shake hands while an exhausted Lexasprite reclines on the ground.

Ruby, hands wrapped in bandages, plummets through the air, grabbing onto the legs of a passing malkyrie, which struggles (and fails) to throw her off. Ruby climbs aboard, roughly taking hold of the head and shoulders of the malkyrie and, with a brief bout of wrestling it into submission mid-air, steers it up.

Ruby and Chop ascend upwards, flying through their first gates.

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