> Ruby: Smoke dank.

Ruby, holding an icepack to her injured hand, goes over to her dresser and pulls a keyboard out from the bottom drawer. There are several keyboards in that drawer. She seems to be calming down now.

You don't have any DANK; there's no way they would allow that into this bunker. You can imagine the headlines now: "CALDERARO'S DAUGHTER CAUGHT WITH MARIJUANA, PRESIDENT TO BLAME". You're not much of a journalist, so that headline sucks, but the point is that it's not gonna happen. But there's no way the reader could have known that, so you decide you'll let it slide, because it really would have been a great idea.

For now, you just decide to get some ice for your hand and replace the keyboard. Looks like you're being pestered again; there are also notifications on Serious Business. And you're kind of hungry. You're gonna need some help prioritizing.

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