> (S) Showdown.

Cracks in the furthest ring extend down to the surface of a dream-bubble-copy of the Land of Glass and Volcanoes. Coluzi and Gratio stand together at the foot of a hill, while Joslas's wings unfurl and propel him into the air. He opens his eyes, showing the Command line taking the place of one. Gratio retrieves a pair of twin machine guns from his sylladex, while the glass near Coluzi bursts, revealing a sea of glassy lava while shards of glass dance in the air around her, animated by the arcs of electricity between them.

Bullets zig-zag through the air, exiting from Gratio's guns and swarming towards Joslas. Joslas blinks out of existence, appearing behind the pair and flying at them. Coluzi quickly spins around, flinging the net of glass and static at Joslas, then sends an arc of void-shattering energy from her fingers through it, forcing Joslas to veer away from the new hole in reality.

Joslas's eye extends a black cube out to the tear, which turns the tear from white to black and shoots it out towards Coluzi and Gratio. The two are hit hard and knocked back, but Gratio draws in a wall of lava to absorb the brunt of the attack. His bullets fly through the lava back towards Joslas, now red-hot. Joslas recovers his composure just in time to cast a green cube around the bullets, which stops them cold.

Joslas hovers, covering himself with voidy bullshit that flares out into a gaping hole of nothingness, from which meteors begin to emerge at high speed. They slam into the battlefield, sending up sprays of glass and lava. Gratio artfully dodges several of them, twirling out of the way while he psionically lobs a few right back at the hole. He succeeds, knocking the voidy bullshit away and sending Joslas slamming into the ground, but he fails to see the huge shard of glass slamming him into the ground. DEAD. Coluzi grabs the shard and pulls it out, shocking it with electricity until it shatters into a crack in the void.

Coluzi lunges at Joslas with the shard, screaming and leaving a trail of desolation as she hops from glass floe to glass floe, swinging it like a sword at Joslas. He throws out green cubes in her way, but she smashes through them with ease. Joslas narrowly dodges several blows while taking to the air, though Coluzi is hot on his tail. One finally connects, slamming him into some still-intact ground. Coluzi lands, raising the shard above her head. When she slams it down, Joslas is not there. The glass beneath her shatters from the blow, and she falls into the lava. DEAD.

Joslas reappears, several meters away. He wearily lifts himself off the ground and flutters away out of the dream bubble.

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