> Joslas: Return the narrative to its rightful controller.

[[[] Joslas: Return the narrative to its rightful controller.


Anyways, you died like twenty times and missed your chance to knock a few planets into the black hole or whatever, even with your l33t hacking skills. So you failed. Rather than stick around in a failed session, you committed your second trivial act of self-suicide, and I guess god-tier clocks are hackable because that actually took.

Anyways, so you're dead, and out in the Furthest Ring, finding some aliens from another universe to chat with while you make your way over to their session, when you hatch a scheme. Of course, you're pretty much guaranteed to run into Coluzi and Gratio, since they're a Prince of Void and a Maid of Light, respectively. They don't take kindly to your scheme, and that escalates into, well…

Why don't you show us?

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