> Joslas: Stop.

[[]] > Joslas: Advance.

[[][ > Joslas, staring up at a clouded-over Skaia, hesitates?

How about I save you some trouble here and just summarize it. The details aren't important, right? :)

You managed to use the COMMAND LINE to hack into your Class and Aspect to "Lord of Void", presumably because you thought it sounded cool. Apparently this information was stored in your god-tier outfit? Or maybe that was just a pre-requisite? I'm honestly kind of fuzzy on that myself. Contrary to what one would expect, I don't know everything.

Anyways, you accidentally killed off Coluzi and Gratio, which would have been fine except some SCP-447-2 fell on them, put a stop to that, and traded it for a dead session. You can't just hack your way into being the Lord of something, though — you actually have to win the dead session to be anything but the Asshole of Voidy Bullshit. So that's what you set out to do.

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