> Joslas: Investigate.

[]] > Joslas: Just skip ahead to when you perpetrate shenanigans.

[][ Joslas enters several lines of text into a heavily modified alchemiter. It promptly spits out the COMMAND LINE, a holographic-looking thing made out of a bunch of floating green, black, and blue cubes all spinning around the same point. The space around it distorts and crackles. He immediately captchalogues it.

The worst part is that you don't even know you're doing this. At least whatever's up with Gratio knows full well what it's (?) doing. You're just running on instinct. I can't even get mad at you.

It seems that on some level, you don't really care about telling a story or talking to your friends, and would rather fast-forward to the parts where you did cool stuff. This impulse reflects on you as a person. Just... consider that.

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