> Joslas: Examine your surroundings.

Joslas sits cross-legged on the floor of his respiteblock, in front of his husktop. The walls are covered mostly by bookshelves stuffed to the brim, and the floor is covered in character sheets, dice, and other roleplaying paraphernalia. A rack near the recuperacoon contains a bunch of computers and computer components. There are several posters displaying a familiar eight-pointed figure.

Your name is JOSLAS FERROT. You have been gifted with an instinctual understanding of the VARIOUS RULES AND CONTINUITIES that shape your reality. This is what enabled you to grab Lucy's OPENING SPEECH and reuse it for REGIFACTION, as well as a bunch of other bullshit shenanigans that you will engage in later on. You consider yourself a FUTURE GOD BY PROXY, in that you will be responsible for the creation of ACTUAL OMNIPOTENT DEITIES. You are informed on the matter by several AMBIGUOUS PROPHECIES of DOOM that form the foundation of the OBSCURE RELIGION you follow, as well as your own EGO.

When you're not wrestling with your technically-not-a-god-complex, you enjoy PROGRAMMING, and are pretty damn good at it to boot, having (mostly) mastered ~ATH, ^CAKE, DIS*, (TRAP, HACKEN/, SUR+, ITS%AL, &WICH, TAX[, >IMPLYING, and Python. You are more than capable of HACKING, but you usually prefer to MANIPULATE AND DECEIVE your way into getting private information. You regularly engage in FLIGHTS OF FANCY, as evidenced by your extensive collection of FANTASY, SCI-FI, and SCIENCE FANTASY novels, not to mention your fascination with TABLETOP ROLEPLAYING, where you play a powerful WITCH.

You have just received an unsettling message from the consciousness that occasionally takes hold of your friend Gratio, and you sincerely hope that it will not interfere with the IMMERSIVE SIMULATION GAME you have just copied from some nerd's server that you have convinced your roleplaying group to play with you.

What will you do?

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