> Gratio: Examine surroundings.

Art by doggirlsondrugs.

Gratio stands in his respiteblock. The walls are blank, though one is a window, through which moonlight pours and a grassy field is visible. His husktop sits on a table, while the rest of the table is taken up by dice, miniatures, and sheets of paper. A huge pile of books sits next to the table, as well as a mirror. Apart from a recuperacoon in the opposite corner, the room is bare.

Your name is GRATIO BINTAN.

You are subject to occasional BLACKOUTS, during which you commune with some UNIDENTIFIED FORCE to produce PROPHECIES. Or sometimes they're not about the future.1 The heart of the matter is that you JUST SORTA KNOW THINGS.2

You spend a great deal of time studying ECONOMICS and SOCIAL STRATIFICATION. You have it on GOOD AUTHORITY that Alternian civilization is ending soon, so this is strictly a HOBBY, and the numerous MANIFESTOS you have written on these topics were produced for IRONIC PURPOSES.3 Despite your fascination with MAGIC, you lack the ability to harness it, unless you count your INCREDIBLY STRONG TELEKINETIC POWERS, which you don't. To compensate, you collect MAGICAL ARTIFACTS and catalog ANOMALOUS PHENOMENA.

When you need to relax after fulfilling your MANY OBLIGATIONS, you practice several forms of MARTIAL ARTS, all of which are designed first and foremost to look good, and are thus COMPLETELY USELESS IN COMBAT.4 You also enjoy talking to your FRIENDS, and when the mood strikes, some TABLETOP ROLEPLAYING.

What will you do?

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