> Ruby: Examine Respiteblock.

Ruby sits in front of a sleek, powerful-looking computer at a desk in the corner of an unadorned concrete room, lit by fluorescent lights. Empty bags of chips and soda bottles are scattered here and there, as well as the occasional bladed weapon; a pair of nunchuks hangs from the wall, even. A stack of video game boxes sits next to your computer; a pirate costume is sitting on the bed, folded up. Enter "> Look." at any time to get additional details.

Your name is RUBY CALDERARO.

You are THE DAUGHTER OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. You're pretty embarrassed about that, though, and rarely tell people about it. You are NOTORIOUSLY CAMERA-SHY after a nasty incident with the press several years ago. This makes your present situation much more amenable: you are squirreled away in an underground bunker on account of CREDIBLE THREATS MADE ON YOUR LIFE, and have been for several years now. You are, for the most part, alone with your BODYGUARD.

You have several INTERESTS. You train in HAND-TO-HAND COMBAT, with a special focus on DUAL-WIELDING DAGGERS, because it's cool. You have a knack for playing and criticizing VIDEO GAMES, and are some combination of respected, feared, and hated in many corners of the net for it. Between your skill and political connections, you often have access to games in ways that others don't. You have a long-standing fascination with PIRATES, and often take to dressing up as one, even when you're alone. You like to spend quality time with your girlfriend LUCY; your other friends are pretty cool too, for the most part. When you get tired, you like to wind down with some EDM.

What will you do?

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