> Coluzi: Summarize your contributions to the events of Regifaction.

Coluzi types at her husktop, with a three-way split-screen showing her, a silhouetted ram-horned troll, and a black screen.

on THE DAy of thE ERADicatiON OF The troLLS, MY kismeSIS INvited MY MOIrail aND I TO play a GAME He had sTOLEN from sOME DWeeb. it WAS CAlled "sGRUB". This exTRACTed our HIVES from tHE UNIverse, ALLOWing us TO ESCape frOM THE apocaLYPSE.

once tHE COLuzi yoU (WHOEver yoU ARE???) HighliGHTED stoppED LOSing heR SHIT about THE UNdoing OF ALL her haRD WORk saviNG THE trollS, SHE Began tO PLAY the gaME.


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