Coluzi, dressed in her God-tier garb, is standing in what seems to be a blank void marked only by a pulsating grid of yellow light nearby her. Her hands are at her temples, and she seems to be concentrating very hard.

WELL. TechniCALLY, it is. bUT IT Is not aN ACCUrate rEPRESentatION OF who i aM NOW.

I have uNDERGone faR TOO Much peRSONAl growTH TO Cosign WHATEver it IS I'M PerceiVING To be haPPENIng regARDINg my paST. IT'S slandEROUS to equATE ME with tHAT.

NOnetheLESS, Out of pITY, I Will suPPLY You witH MY SUmmary OF THE eventS THAT brougHT ME Here.

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