> Coluzi: Examine respiteblock.

Coluzi stands in her respiteblock. It's a relatively spacious affair, or at least it would be, if not for the sky-high stacks of futuristic electronic parts, tools, and machines littered about. A desk with her Husktop sits in the corner, as does a tubular recuperacoon. A variety of scribbly-looking drawings and some maps adorn the wall above her computer desk, and just next to it is a giant pile of books.

Your name is COLUZI JYGAKS.

You're usually preoccupied by PREVENTING THE APOCALYPSE — that is to say, SABOTAGING YOUR FELLOW HIGHBLOODS in their endeavors to make DOOMSDAY MACHINES. You're pretty successful, thanks to the ADVANCED SURVEILLANCE TECHNOLOGY you invent and deploy, which lets you detect active doomsday machines and DESTROY THEM WITH LASERS. You are not popular among highbloods for this reason, and you return the sentiment. You have a particular distate for fellow purple-bloods, especially their IDIOTIC CLOWN RELIGION.

Nobody has told you about Alternia's PLANETARY DEFENSE SYSTEM, which renders your work COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY, since any doomsday device would be rendered inoperable within seconds. In fact, the whole endeavor is basically an ELABORATE ROLEPLAYING SCENARIO.

When you're not saving the world or tending to your quadrants, you like to relieve your stress by doing some SCHOLARLY RESEARCH. You're a bit of a POLYMATH, talented in ALMOST EVERY FIELD OF ACADEMIA, including the scientific study of MAGIC, which is real. For reasons that mystify you, people seem to enjoy the INCOHERENT SCRIBBLES that come out whenever you try to make art. You also enjoy listening to SHITTY MUSIC at A RATHER UNHEALTHY VOLUME, and when the mood strikes, you might engage in a little TABLETOP ROLEPLAYING.

What do you do?

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