> (S) Activate.

Chop leaves his dwelling, following a twisting path down the spire it sits upon, munching on the sandvich. When a pair of imps suddenly appear in front of him, he stumbles back in surprise, falling on his back as he draws the Apparatus Lyra out of his STRINGSKIND specibus.

Lexa, lying on her back, looks up at the legion of underlings floating menacingly above her. She unsteadily gets up to her feet, brushing dirt off her dress, then teleports up to an imp. She wraps her arms around the imp, teleports a hundred feet up, then plummets. As the ground rushes towards her, she curls into a ball, disappearing just before she hits the ground.

Ruby curls into a ball as she hits the ground, rolling past two liches, which fail to keep up with her and are caught in the rising water level in the small chamber. She runs towards the wall, then jumps up, twirling mid-air to push off of the wall and onto the platform directly above her. She looks up at the dozens of enemy-filled platforms that still await her.

Lucy looks up at the legions of Derse, which have taken position on the balconies of the city, guns trained squarely on the still-hovering dream-Mors. The Black Queen hands Lucy a megaphone. Lucy looks over to the Urbane Patrician, who reaches up to put his hand on her shoulder. Lucy shrugs off the hand and throws the megaphone to the ground in disgust, stomping off towards Mors.

Chop stomps away from a laser-riddled slain ogre. As a swarm of imps appears in his path, he pulls the Apparatus Lyra out and plays a melody, resulting in a swarm of lasers frying the imps within seconds. As he walks past the site of destruction, he encounters a lever on the wall.

The imp Lexa was carrying hits the ground at high speed, creating a small crater. Nearby, she reappears traveling upward at a similar speed, cannonballing into a floating ogre and KOing it in one shot. As she slows down, she unfurls and takes a look at the ground below her. She spots the crater, and something in it catches her eye. She teleports down, only to find a lever.

Ruby pins a basilisk to the wall with a dagger through the neck, using her other to slice it lengthwise along the belly. It pops into a cloud of grist, which Ruby ignores as she looks around at the outcropping whose surface she has just emerged onto. She spots a stone prominence with a lever on top, which she approaches.

Brightsprite pops into appearance on the Land of Glass and Volcanoes. Sniffing the air, he floats over to a patch of empty space that's jittering glitchily. Light blue, indigo, and green lines appear out of the fog and pulse into the empty space as Ruby, Chop, and Lexa pull their levers. Brightsprite mimes looking at his non-existent watch, then spontaneously generates a lever. He pulls it, adding a red line of his own to the mix.

A tone sounds as the empty space fills with white light, then explodes, revealing a dark tunnel into nothingness composed of a pulsating yellow grid. Two trolls — one with ram's horns, and another with a single spiraled horn, step out of it.

Lucy breathes in deeply, trembling a bit as she approaches Mors, brushing aside cautionary tape. She takes a breath as she looks up at what passes for his face.

Is that really you, Mors?
What happened to you?
Here comes some weeb shit.

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