> Unidentified Prospitian: Status report.

Lucy stands next to a stout, armor-clad Prospitian agent in the tower room on Derse. Lucy seems displeased.

You are not an "Unidentified Prospitian". You are, of course, the URBANE PATRICIAN. This is extremely obvious.

You were sent to Derse for a diplomatic mission that was cut short by the untimely █████ of their █████████ and his ENTOURAGE. In the ensuing panic, you fled up into this tower, only to find that the PAGE, notorious for both BEING ASLEEP and for harboring a distaste for ROYAL BLOOD, has done the same.

You ask her what her name is. She tells you that she is LUCY ANDROSS, then asks for yours. You tell her that you are the URBANE PATRICIAN. For some reason, she does not take kindly to this revelation.

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