> Lexa: Explore the Land of Devils and Frogs

Lexa and PosterofLennonsprite descends a hill on LODAF — a land of rolling hills, green grass, and decrepit stone towers, all withering in the light emitted from the range of humanoid figures floating in the sky, which shudder as they writhe about into a variety of unpleasant-looking positions. Nowhere in sight is there anything resembling a frog, though there is the occasional imp. On top of the hill behind her is an imposingly block-shaped metallic building, topped off with a small dome from which a very large gun barrel extends. Every so often, the dome swivels and fires a few rounds at an errant imp, adding to the pile of grist that lies on the ground near the domicile. Apart from these spats of gunfire and Lexa's own trudging about, it's very quiet.

By your estimation, it's FUCKED UP.


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