> Lexa: Explore your house.

Lexa traverses the hall outside her room, going through an apartment with faux-futuristic decor already marred by scars, skid marks, and burns. Scrap metal, robot parts, electronics, and fast food containers and bags litter the floors. Clean and shiny surveillance cameras cover the halls. Lexa does a few minor sendification hops to circumvent doors locked with fingerprint scanners, keypads, and conventional locks.

An open area that (is? was?) probably a kitchen is filled with computer monitors and servers, all 'locked' at the moment to prevent unauthorized access. Lexa reaches into a McDonald's bag on the counter and retrieves a box of fries, which she munches on as she navigates the apartment. She eventually arrives at a heavily reinforced front door.

You got that over with about a year ago when you moved in, but you probably need to go outside at some point anyways. You don't even have any grist to fuck around with alchemy yet!

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