> Lexa: Assess situation.

Lexa stands in her room. There is a bright light shining through the drawn shades and the POSTEROFLENNONSPRITE hovers next to her. A section of the room was greatly expanded to make room for the various alchemy-related machines.

Your name is, once again, LEXA DE SAINT-MASTEMA. With the aid of Ruby's Bodyguard, you have returned to the Land of Devils and Frogs. You have yet to encounter either of these, as you were quickly escorted into the safety of your fortress-like house to reunite with your loving BENEFACTOR, who is currently operating the Home Defense System to keep your dwelling imp-free.

It seems that, prior to entry, your Kernelsprite was prototyped with one of your Beatles posters. It only speaks in symbols right now, though.

What do you do?

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